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Creating Human-Like Facial Expressions Utillizing Artificial Skin and Mascles

By Yonas Tadesse

Humanoids are anticipated to be intelligent assistive system for human being and interact with human in collaborative environment.  They will be deployed for various proposes such as customer service, tutoring, patient care, and routine household work. The development requires multi disciplinary effort from materials to artificial intelligence. Some of the technologies that need to be matured for these purposes are smart actuators, sensors, vision systems, audio systems, control algorithms and software.  Mimicking facial structure for a robotic head is a challenging issue and requires decent system integration. This study is focused on design, development, fabrication, characterization and analysis of humanoid face from varieties of actuation technologies.

1.robotic heads


    rpbptoc heads

 2.Actuator Development and Characterization


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3.SMA actuator, modeling and characterization


yonas3 Ref: J. intell. Mat. Syst & Stut, vol.21, No.1 pp. 19-40.



yonas4 Force and displacement characteristics of (a) 100m diameter Biometal fiber, (b) 100m diameter Flexinol, and (c) 127m diameter Flexinol actuator.

4.Humanoid neck, modeling and characterization using mechanism using low cost four bar mechanism


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5.Multimodal energy harvesting device


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