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Bio-Inspired Materials and Devices Laboratory (BMDL)
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Vibration Energy Harvesting

By Anthony Marin

My research interests include harvesting vibration energy utilizing electromagnetic, piezoelectric and magnetostrictive mechanisms.
One of my current projects focuses on improving the conversion of vibration energy to electrical energy using electromagnetic induction.  An explanation of how electromagnetic induction is utilized to convert vibration energy to electrical energy is given in Fig. 1.


Electromagnetic Vibration Energy Harvesting Method Figure 1: Electromagnetic Vibration Energy Harvesting Method (J. Oliver and S. Priya, J. Intell. Mater. Syst. Struct., doi. 1045389X09356005 (2009)).

Vibration from mechanical machinery is applied at the base (A).  The attached cantilever beam is designed to resonate at the source frequency.  At resonance the coil which is attached to the beam passes through four stationary magnets (B) to create electricity through Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction.  Figure 2 shows a image of the actual energy harvester.


Electromagnetic Vibration Energy Harvester Figure 2: Electromagnetic Vibration Energy Harvester

The application for the energy harvester consists of powering wireless sensors and personal electronics.