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Computational (CFD) and Experimental Fluid Dynamics, Swimming Locomotion, Particle Transport, and Wind Turbine Design

By Colin Stewart

Jellysifh AUV

This research currently focuses on experimentally investigating and computationally modeling the swimming dynamics of Aurelia aurita, the moon jellyfish. Using flow visualization, particle image velocimetry, and commercial CFD software, the rowing mode of locomotion characteristic to this species is better understood so it may be used more efficiently in a biomimetic vehicle. Vital to the performance of rowing is the formation of vortex rings, shown by both the fish and a simulation in Figure 1, and of specific interest is how these are affected by the physical structure of the jellyfish.


Vortex ring generation by Aurelia aurita: actual fish with dye Figure 1. Vortex ring generation by Aurelia aurita: actual fish with dye


Computational simulation with velocity streamlines Figure 2.Computational simulation with velocity streamlines


Future research will focus on the fluid-structure interaction of trailing structures, such as oral arms and tentacles; particle capture (feeding); and the scaling of performance with the upper limits of size.