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Bio-Inspired Materials and Devices Laboratory (BMDL)
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    Humanoid Robot's faces
    Humanoid Robot's faces
    Humanod robot

Bio-inspired Materials and Devices Laboratory

    Shashank Priya

Would you like the opportunity to:

Work in a diverse research setting with access to multiple Centers/Laboratories?

Work closely with industry in your related field of study?

Work with multiple international companies/businesses?

Then welcome to the Bio-Inspired Materials and Devices Laboratory (BMDL)!

Our research is focused on developing novel materials, understanding the complex nature of properties in these materials, and once this understanding has been achieved, utilizing them to invent unique applications. Thus, our group is very interdisciplinary, consisting of materials scientists, physicists, mechanical engineers, robotics scientists, and electrical engineers. This allows us to conduct integrated research addressing several aspects at the material, component, and system level. We are closely related to "Center for Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems" (CEHMS) and "Center for Intelligent Material Systems and Structures" (CIMSS). Both of these centers compliment our skills and add to our strength.

On this website we plan to post our recent progress on various ongoing projects and also lot of educational and training notes. So keep visiting us at your convenience. Thank you!

Latest News

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Energy Summit 2013 / 5th CEHMS IAB Meeting / 5th INAMM Symposium 
(January 29-31, 2013, University of Texas at Dallas, TX)

1st Virginia Energy Summit & 3rd IAB Meeting 

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